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The Vizier
General Information
Title The Vizier
True Name Calluna
Personal Information
Vice Mistrust
Virtue Caution
Sin Avarice
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Scherzo
"Voiced" by As Rook's


The Vizier is the second-stage fetter of Rook Naberrie, preceded by the War Engine and succeeded by the Crooked Queen.

The Vizier is born of Rook's terror of allowing others to manipulate her. She desires power above all else, power enough to prevent anyone from using her ever again.

Personality Edit

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Abilities Edit


Environment Edit

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Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Calluna vulgaris is the Latin name for heather, which symbolizes admiration and luck. White heather additionally stands for protection, and lavender heather for solitude. (ref.) In addition, heather is associated with Windemere Province, the area Rook was from in her native continuity—and with Celtic culture, upon which Windemere was very loosely based. (ref.)
  • The wazir, or vizier, is a theoretical or "fairy" chess piece, which moves one space at a time in any orthogonal direction. It's a little more powerful than a pawn, and a little less restricted than the dabbaba, but it moves very slowly.

Gallery Edit

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