The Sweet Dream
General Information
Title The Sweet Dream
True Name Dahlia
Personal Information
Enemies The Bitter Nightmare
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Cartoonatic
"Voiced" by Elton John

The Sweet Dream is the (possible) third-stage fetter of Embitrus, preceded by The Spicy Daybreak and The Sour Evening. The alternate third-stage fetter is The Bitter Nightmare.

[what caused this fetter to form in the mind of the vessel]

Personality Edit

[personality as well as the flaws this fetter embodies]

Abilities Edit


Environment Edit

[describe the place this fetter is found in, etc.]

Relationships Edit

The Bitter NightmareEdit



Trivia Edit

  • Their voiceclaim came about as a joke after the previous two fetters and their shared true name all got Elton John songs in a playlist set on random. It stuck because their creator couldn't think of anyone better and because she's Elton John garbage.

Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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