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The Prisoner
General Information
True Name Wormwood
Personal Information
Vice Judgement
Virtue Protection
Sin Wrath
Misc. Information
Portrayed by toc
"Voiced" by

You are unhappy. Why are you unhappy? You want things to be different? You want things. Why do you want things? Stop wanting things. Stop it.
―MEAT (meatsleep)

The Prisoner is the first-stage fetter of Prince Prism, succeeded by The Warden.

What causes unhappiness?

Personality Edit

The Prisoner is animalistic, violent, and unpredictable. It is almost constantly struggling in its bonds, and this struggle seems to cause it great pain; when not eerily silent, it vocalizes this pain in grunts, growls, whimpers, and sometimes barely-understandable sentences.

The Prisoner seems very fragile and almost calm to most people, like a glass pane that will shatter at an instant. However, approach it the wrong way or say the wrong thing, and you'll be greeted by the inside. What it tells you mostly elaborates on a violent hatred; for what in particular is a mystery, but one can be certain its virulent hostility is made clear. A cynic, a bitter creature, realizing that people will only take and take and take and take until there is nothing left.

It sleeps to avoid its constant pain, though its dreams are fitful.

It wishes constantly for release. Or, better still, death. It was never supposed to happen. This was never supposed to happen.

Abilities Edit

Virtually none. Being bound and gagged with no limbs to speak of... doesn't really help much. In the right situation, if you're foolish enough to get within biting range, it can be deadly. The mesmerizing patterns of red on its face can form a maw with many sharp teeth.

Goodness knows how it moves from place to place, because you'll never see it in the act.

Environment Edit

You will have the misfortune of being dumped in a dark, quiet basement, turned haphazard dungeon for the Prisoner's stay. There is a steel barricaded door leading out. Through the slits in the window one can see stairs leading up into what must be the rest of the building. But try as they might, nothing will open the door from their side.

Next to the door is a window, with enough counterspace extending in front of it to rest delicious-looking meals on, and even sometimes gifts wrapped in extravagant paper and ribbons. There is a pile of them in a corner of the basement, all unopened... although some not for lack of trying. Give it a break!!

Relationships Edit

[relationships with other characters, other fetters, etc.]

Trivia Edit

  • Wormwood commonly symbolizes bitterness, grief, and absence.
  • It is always seen inside a cage, although it seems the cage does nothing to actually keep the Prisoner locked inside, who is only there out of its free will.
  • Its favorite food seems to be the square treats the person on the other side delivers.

Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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