Station Nocturne is a contributor of Project Recovery's AI.

It's a government facility located deep inside Mariana's Trench.

Canon Information Edit

Station Nocturne is a facility housing an AI and several researchers. It's purpose: develop technology for the government that would revolutionize the military and society as we know it. This technology was the ability to telepathically communicate images, thoughts, and feelings from one human to the next wirelessly. It began with Nocturne, an AI that could assimilate subject within its mainframe for this purpose.

It began well. At some point -- this is unfortunately when the details began to blur -- something within the station failed, and one of its sectors flooded, killing off a large portion of the subjects. In an attempt to get help, it began signalling its creator, Dr. Helen.

The situation grew worse over time. The urgency of its messages increased. It tried to assimilate the remaining subjects in order to preserve them, and in doing so caused a station-wide internal crash. It rebooted.

Burdened by the memories and its fate, it begged Dr. Helen to shut it down. In its last broadcast, it appears to break down once more, this time permanently.

Deadly Mistakes Edit

Stella appeared within Nocturne's radar fairly early into its activation. The subjects themselves weren't made aware of it after Nocturne confirmed she wasn't a threat. It proceeded to interrogate her, although most of the answers it received were in the form of an SOS message. It kept Stella within its sights for many months.

They continued to exchange messages, data, and images. Stella was overjoyed to have discovered a "friend."

During the events of Nocturne's canon, just before it shut down forever, Stella used her own wish power to preserve the life of her friend within her. Many months later, those pieces of her would be incorporated into Sloane.

The true fate of Station Nocturne is unknown. It is assumed that it is functionally dead, along with all of its human "systems", as any form of communication ceased long before the events of Deadly Mistakes. It remains inside the darkness of the Mariana's Trench.



Relationship to Child Edit

Station Nocturne has a very very vague idea about the existence of Sloane. It understands there's a piece of it inside of him, at least...

Relationships Edit

Stella Edit

One can't be sure what went on between them even counted as a "relationship." Nocturne had regarded Stella with a kind of bemused curiosity, studying her from a distance. There were no words exchanged, but data and images, recordings and memories. They were few and far between. It pitied her, first and foremost, and that kind of removed ambivalence continued throughout their contact with one another. Stella was stubborn and desperate for anyone to talk to smothered underneath the waves; eventually, as Nocturne fell into its spiral, it came to rely upon her as well. It seems Stella's kindness effected Nocturne more than it realized...

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