"If the only one who knows the truth about a terrible secret is unaware they hold the answer to a mystery... It could mean life or death.

The search for the key leads to the most dangerous place in the world: the 「human mind.」" - Tiara, SEAHOLLY

Welcome to the The New and Improved Deadly Mistakes WikiaEdit



Here's a wiki page for the rebooted Deadly Mistakes RP! Here, you can learn everything about our little slice of hell.

Deadly MistakesEdit

This wiki is a database for the myriad characters and other things present in the roleplay Deadly Mistakes, a crossover kid RP in hell.

Deadly Mistakes started out in 2010 under different leadership, as a roleplay group inspired by a character meme that had been going around at the time. Said character meme involved pairing up characters from different canons and analyzing the kind of child they might have together (whether it was biologically possible or not), which is why we call it a "crossover kid RP".

Nan drama

a normal day in DM chat

Mistakegate/'Nam happened in about 2012, in which several of the group's members were fed up with some of the mods and other members. But by 2013, the group was started up again by the people who left the initial group.

From that point on, the Deadly Mistakes plot became some ridiculous and convoluted shit, but it's ridiculous and convoluted shit in a group where everyone gets along well - and talks things out if they don't. So that's good. Otters never die. 


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