The Lantern
General Information
Title The Lantern
True Name Lavendula
Personal Information
Vice Resentment
Virtue Resolve
Sin Envy
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Isa
"Voiced" by Laura Bailey

The bad news is that you're a mother fucking douchebag
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The Lantern is the first-stage fetter of Inochitori Hatsune, succeeded by The Torch and The Sun.

 Origin Edit

The idol industry isn't kind to the performers, even the ones who enter it willingly. So, as one could imagine, being an idol is its own special kind of nightmare for someone who had no choice in becoming one.

The Lantern is a direct result of Ino's past as an idol--every negative emotion, from the minor annoyance at being forbidden from dating or even having male friends her own age to the kind of visceral disgust that can only be felt when a thirteen-year old girl is asked to sign an adult man's dakimakura with her face and body printed on it, fed the Lantern's growth.

After all, when you've been feeling the leering eyes of men old enough to be your father for as long as you can remember and you're not allowed to tell them to leave you alone, you repress a lot of negative feelings.

Personality Edit

The Lantern is, in a word, abrasive. She does not want to be bothered, and any attempt to engage with her is likely to end poorly. She share's Ino's talent of studying people, but mostly for the purpose of brutally lambasting them for what she thinks is their worst flaw. Underneath it all, though, she's jealous, because to her, these people have the one thing she's always wanted: a life away from the stage, and by extension those leering eyes she hates so much.

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Environment Edit

???, a large glass-walled submarine currently parked at the bottom of a vast, deep ocean. There's no lights in the submarine, save for the bioluminescent fish that cluster around the windows when they sense movement (and the lights in the Lantern's dress).

The fish are the only things that can be seen clearly in the water outside, but there are hints of other creatures lurking around the ship. Every so often, someone focusing hard enough can detect moving silhouettes that, if they belong to animals, are bigger than any sea creature that exists in the real world. The Lantern doesn't know what they are. She's never left her ship.

Trivia Edit


Also known as "lavender".

The Lantern's true name, Lavendula, is the botanical name for lavender, which symbolizes serenity, grace, and (the meaning that inspired this name for the Lantern), distrust.