Crooked queen
The Crooked Queen
General Information
Title The Crooked Queen
True Name Calluna
Personal Information
Vice Being a cryptic fuck
Virtue Loyalty
Sin Wrath
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Scherzo
"Voiced" by As Rook's

Crooked queen
He holds all the patent monopolies/For performing suprising illusions/And creating eccentric confusions/At prestidigitation/And at legerdemain/He'll defy examination/And deceive you again.
―T.S. Elliot, "Mr. Mistoffelees"

The Crooked Queen is the third-stage fetter of Rook Naberrie, preceded by the Vizier.

She's a Rook who's dealt with most of her trauma and guilt, though she still has her bad nights, and she's still slow to trust. That said, she does love a good ear-scratching.

Personality Edit

C.Q. takes great lengths to appear easygoing and in-control, but there is usually an undercurrent of... something... beneath that lopsided smile. Oftentimes you can catch it in the whiteness of her knuckles, or the switching of her tail, or an almost-imperceptible narrowing of the eyes when certain names are spoken.

She's anxious, often, especially among loud groups of people (though quite at ease in the classroom). But she has a deep angry streak—she is still furious over what was done to her, though these days she usually tries to channel it into a fierce protectiveness towards those who cannot protect themselves.

Abilities Edit

Like her vessel, the Queen is an accomplished sorcerer, blending Force powers and black magic near-seamlessly. She prefers to hover rather than walk, leaving both her hands free. Unlike her vessel, she prefers telekinesis and non-elemental magic to ice.

She can also change into a cat at will, if she likes, taking the form of a very large, very ragged, very affectionate Maine Coon.

Environment Edit

C.Q. is found aboard a space station called Nashira Observatory—it's a long spindle of a structure, all glass bubbles and cushions and twining plants, and a good chunk of it is a microgravity environment. A number of cats live aboard it, all intelligent, very few willing to talk to outsiders. They've all got little magnetic booties they can put on when venturing into the zero-G bits.

Relationships Edit

None as yet.

Trivia Edit

  • Calluna vulgaris is the Latin name for heather, which symbolizes admiration and luck. White heather additionally stands for protection, and lavender heather for solitude. (ref.) In addition, heather is associated with Windemere Province, the area Rook was from in her native continuity—and with Celtic culture, upon which Windemere was very loosely based. (ref.)
  • Also, heather was traditionally used to make brooms, which I did not know. I guess you could use the Queen's tail as a broom if you really wanted to and didn't mind getting bit.
  • The crooked queen is a theoretical or "fairy" chess piece which combines the movement of a rook and a crooked bishop. The crooked bishop moves as a bishop, but has to make a 90° turn every step.
  • "Nashira" is the common name of the star Gamma Capricorni, and comes from the Arabic for "the lucky one" or "bearer of good news".

Gallery Edit

[coming soon!]

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