General Information
Title The Caretaker
True Name Convallaria
Personal Information
Vice Judgement
Virtue Caution
Misc. Information
Portrayed by hauntpark
"Voiced" by

The Caretaker is the second-stage fetter of Corinne Gracey, preceded by The Handmaid and succeeded by The Hostess.

 Origin Edit

[what caused this fetter to form in the mind of the vessel]

Personality Edit

[personality as well as the flaws the fetter embodies]

Abilities Edit


Environment Edit

[describe the place this fetter is found in, etc.]

Relationships Edit

[with mistakes and other fetters]

Trivia Edit

Convallaria is the genus name for the lily-of-the-valley.

  • The lily of the valley is a beautiful but very poisonous flower. Every part of the plant is toxic.
  • Another name for the flower is "Mary's tears." The plant is a symbol of humility in religious paintings.
  • In the language of flowers, it represents a return to happiness. A legend tells the story of a lily of the valley who fell in love with a nightingale, who did not return until the flower bloomed in May.