General Information
Full name Satel
Other names
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Personal Information
Family Thanos (father)
Neo Queen Serenity (mother)
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Movie-Brat
"Voiced" by

Satel is the daughter of Thanos and Neo Queen Serenity.

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Backstory Edit

Thanos came to Crystal Tokyo with the intent of absorbing its energy in order to please Death. Obviously Serenity didn't take the idea well and the two fought in space as she didn't wish for anyone to get hurt in the process. They fought in what remained of the Moon Kingdom and despite the enormous power from the two, they were evenly matched and were not close to winning. One last course of action involved Serenity using the Silver Crystal. Thanos tried to counter attack but as a result of the two clashing, their power auroras merged and went off into deep space through a black hole but not without a hint of Chaos's influence. As a result, they merged into one full grown being with the DNA of both of them, having the hair style of her mother except black and the skin of her father along with silver and black armor. Her sole mission in life is to find her parents and find out who Chaos is.

Personality Edit

She prefers to be calm and collective. However, when she's angry, she really lets loose and tends to be physically brutal to her opponents. When she's calm, she's a master manipulator. Always figuring out her opponents' dreams, their weaknesses, anything to turn them over to her side to use them for her own goals and get rid of other oppressors who stands in her way. She's also obsessive with trying to find her heritage and Chaos and as such, it could be used against her.

Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit


Gallery Edit

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