[[File:|(default is 258px)]]
General Information
Full name
Other names
Gender female
Race humanoid cat
Occupation Singer
Personal Information
Family Red Hot Riding Hood (mother)
Sawyer (mother)
Danny (step-father)
Allies Pipien W. Frog
Misc. Information
Portrayed by AnimatedC9000
"Voiced" by


Ruby is the daughter of Red Hot Riding Hood and Sawyer.

As a firm believer for nonhuman rights, Ruby will help the fight in whatever way she can manage (whether it be keeping morale up with a song or marching straight to the head of the problem). She helps run a speakeasy in Hollywood, California, harboring in nonhumans and their allies that have fallen on hard times.

Backstory Edit


Personality Edit


Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

Family Edit


Pipien W. Frog Edit


Gallery Edit

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