General Information
Full name Aya Amidala
Other names Rook Naberrie
Age 26
Gender It Is A Mystery (she/her)
Race One-quarter Lunarian—so—functionally human.
Sexuality Panromantic demisexual
Occupation ...scholar-errant?
Personal Information
Family Golbez/Theodor Harvey (father)
Padmé Amidala (mother)
Luke Skywalker (half-brother)
Leia Skywalker (half-sister)
Allies Mr. Song
Partners In the future, she takes Tenor to be her happily wedded husband, and makes good on her QP flirting with Mr. Song.
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Scherzo
"Voiced" by Nobody in particular—accent is Received Pronunciation (read: classy English), contralto, and somewhat raspy/dry-sounding.

How British people shower: same as you, you idiot! We get nice and wet, then we get the tea bags—

Rook Naberrie is the child of Theodor "Golbez" Harvey and Padmé Amidala.

Fleeing a galactic war she wants nothing to do with, she crash-landed on this world a small handful of years ago and has been somewhat adrift ever since. She's been resting, gathering as much knowledge as possible, and attempting to heal.

Physically—she resembles her father more than her mother. She's tall and white-haired, with dark-tan skin—her build is considerably lighter than his, though. Her good eye is dark green, and reflective like a cat's—more than likely a prosthesis. Additionally, she walks with a cane and a heavy limp favoring the right side, the result of an old injury that never quite healed properly.

Backstory Edit

[gonna make words good here later—suffice it to say—au where Padmé survives, she has a fling with a man in black travelling the stars, Zeromus figures out how to Force ghost and directs Palpatine to young Aya's location—he attempts to mold her into a Sith, coercively]

Personality Edit

Rook is incredibly anxious, verging on paranoia. She doesn't speak often, often communicating in terse one- or two-word sentences when she does. Due to her height and her legendary case of RBF appearance, she often comes off as an intimidating sort.

That said—she is done with bloodshed, and will prevent it whenever she can. She wants nothing more than to study the Force—magic?—both?—in peace.

That said, when there is a job to do, her focus narrows to getting it done, come Hell or high water. It's both a strength and a weakness: it's what allows her to focus on the complex thaumaturgical projects she's grown fond of, but it also leaves her with a tendency towards tunnel vision.

She comes off somewhat softer around children and animals, or attempts to, in any case.

Abilities Edit

First and foremost, Rook is a sorcerer. Her father taught her magic, and her mother's friend Obi-Wan taught her what he could of the Force. She doesn't naturally excel at either, but what she lacks in raw power she makes up for in knowledge and finesse.

She isn't much of a lightsaber combatant, due to her limp—but she does know the very basics.

Relationships Edit

Mr. Song Edit

Danides Solo Edit

Rook is somewhat ashamed to be around him, as she considers herself a failure to her family—she likes him and wants to support her nephew, but is unsure if she's deserving of the title of... great-auncle? Graunkle?

Tenor Edit

Rook feels an immense desire to learn more about him: first, because that portion of her which birthed the Vizier wishes to make absolutely certain of his motives; later, because he is—a fascinating man, by any metric you care to name, and she is intrinsically a curious beast; and later still because she has found herself quite enamored with him.

Fetter Edit

Rook's fetters are Calluna, the War Engine, Calluna, the Vizier, and Calluna, the Crooked Queen, respectively. The Vizier is presently her main fetter.

Trivia Edit


Gallery Edit

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