Reisen Inaba is the mother of Ryou Shion.


Canon Information Edit

Reisen (Full name Reisen Udongein Inaba) is a moon rabbit currently living in Gensokyo at the House of Eternity, Eientei. She fled the moon during the Lunar War, and sought shelter at Eientei. Princess Kaguya and Eirin Yagokoro agreed to house her in return for work. She works as a protector for Kaguya and also aids Eirin with her pharmacy. She's also supposed to help control all the earth rabbits that live at Eientei, but she's not particularly good at that.

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Relationship to Child Edit

Reisen is a loving mother to Ryou. She's very protective of him and does her best to keep him away from the more unruly rabbits, and also Princess Kaguya, as she's not particularly kind to any of the rabbits. She wishes that Ryou could have grown up in a calmer place, but she'd never return to the Moon, either.

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