Moriana's Hidden Face
General Information
Arc title Moriana's Hidden Face
Owned by Scherzo
Characters introduced [wip]
Fetters introduced The Vizier

The Blotted Word

Main antagonist Soleil Bracket d'Cannith
Theme song [wip]

Moriana's Hidden Face is a plot arc of the Deadly Mistakes roleplay. It is preceded by Chasing Shadows and followed by Chase Away the Blackbirds. [Brief summary here, what it's about. You don't have to give away everything, but just give a general idea.]

Plot Edit

[self-explanatory, probably to be filled in AFTER the arc completes unless you want to give an outline of what's supposed to happen]

Major Players Edit

[Who are the most influential/important characters in this arc? Who has the most stake in it?]

Trivia Edit


Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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