Miyako Shidare
General Information
Full name Miyako Shidare
Other names Star Thief
Age 22-ish
Gender Nonbinary (Uses she/her and they/them)
Race Japanese
Sexuality Pan
Occupation Heiress to Shidare Corp and thief (Because she's bored)
Personal Information
Family "BT" (Father)
Hotaru Shidare (Mother)
Enemies Pat (More of a rivalry really)
Partners Pat - On and off again
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Azure
"Voiced" by sexy

 Miyako Shidare is the daughter of Hotaru Shidare and "BT"

Backstory Edit

Miyako was the result of her mom, snack heiress Hotaru Shidare, and a mysterious man known as "BT" having a baby. Miyako didn't know much about her dad and what he did for a living except it involved working with the International Police and doing Sneaky Things™. She still doesn't.

Either way.

She got bored just being a heiress and decided to buy sneaky equipment and steal things because she wanted adventure and was tired of living cooped up in a nice mansion and just having parties every night and eating all the junk food she wanted.

Miyako wanted MORE. She wanted to test her wits and her skills against other people.

So she started stealing shit just for excitement.

BT knows this but he doesn't think she's a threat against him. The International Police has bigger fish to fry than a petty thief, and he's actually quite proud of her and considers her a chip off the old block for being that way.

Personality Edit

[to be added]

Abilities Edit

She's a Badass Normal who's very good at being sneaky and can outsmart people easily. Usually gets the drop on Pat and outsmarts her, who compared to her is pretty damn powerful.

Relationships Edit

[to be added]

Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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