Lemongrab is the (technical) father of Embitrus.

There's actually more than one Lemongrab, but making separate pages for all of them would be ridiculous so we're just going to cover all of them on this page.

Canon Information Edit

Lemongrab 1 Edit

The original Lemongrab was created by Princess Bubblegum in an attempt to create an "uncle" for herself, but according to her, something went wrong when she tried to give him life. He arrived in the Candy Kingdom when Bubblegum suddenly became too young to rule her kingdom, but left shortly after she suddenly returned to being old enough to rule for herself. He returned again and started to secretly watch over the other citizens of the Candy Kingdom while they were sleeping. When he was confronted by Finn, Jake and Bubblegum, he said that no-one understood him. After a few failed attempts to help him, Bubblegum found a solution through creating...

Lemongrab 2 Edit


Deadly Mistakes Edit

[how they met the other parent(s) involved in their child's birth (whether sexual or asexual), their relationship with that parent, how that relationship is doing today if intact, what this parent's fate is/was]

Relationship to Child Edit

What's an Embitrus?

Relationships Edit

Princess Bubblegum Edit

While she created the first Lemongrab to be something of an "uncle" to her, it seems she's more like a mother figure to all of them. [wip]

Trivia Edit

  • Lemongrab and all other lemon candy people are voiced by the same guy, including Embitrus.

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