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Laurence Manson
General Information
Full name Laurence Wallace Sandiego
Other names Laurence W. Manson (alias)
Lauren Order (alias)
Gender Male (he/him)
Race biracial (Laninx/White) human; werewolf (during 3-night full moon period)
Sexuality homosexual
Personal Information
Family Carmen Sandiego (mother)
Waldo (father)
Misc. Information
Portrayed by AnimatedC9000
"Voiced" by Will Friedle


Laurence Wallace Sandiego, alias Laurence Manson, is the son of Carmen Sandiego and Waldo.

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Backstory Edit

As his real name implies, Laurence's parents are world-renowned thief Carmen Sandiego and difficult-to-find traveller Waldo (or Wally). The two met by chance while Carmen was scoping out an area for a potential heist. Following that, for whatever reason, the two kept bumping into each other. Both took this as a sign that they should get to know each other better. Some time later, the two were married in a private ceremony. A few years later, little Laurence Wallace Sandiego was brought into the world.

Everything else considered, Laurence had a decent childhood. He was homeschooled and got the opportunity to travel to many places with his parents. Yes, his mom was wanted by the law, and yeah, his dad might've been hard to find sometimes, but they were all happy together.

At age 12, Laurence put in a formal request to join V.I.L.E., the organization his mother ran. Carmen, having a soft spot for the agents (some of which were teenagers) who were less adept than her, allowed it. As per "tradition" of the agents' names, Laurence adopted the alias "Lauren Order". (Yes, he checked. Lauren can be a "masculine" name too.)

That all changed one day when he was 15. While scouting the site of a supposedly haunted temple for a potential heist for the organization, Laurence was attacked and bitten by a rather aggressive wolf. Carmen herself soon found him and had him patched up and temporarily dismissed under the care of his father Wally. The wolf attack wasn't thought of until about a month later, when Laurence first exhibited werewolf-like tendencies and transformed into a wolf on the next full moon.


Personality Edit


Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

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