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Klassic Vinyl
General Information
Full name Klassic Vinyl
Other names Klassic, Vinyl, KV, Klassie (varies on mood)
Gender Eh... (uses she/her)
Race half-Genesect, half-Insecticon/Cybertronian (in other words, a robotic bug)
Personal Information
Family Genesect (biological parent)
Kickback (biological father)
Team Plasma scientists (creators)
Misc. Information
Portrayed by AnimatedC9000
"Voiced" by Laura Summer (Janine Melnitz from The Real Ghostbusters [seasons 1-2])

Klassic Vinyl is the genetic combination of Genesect and Kickback.

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Backstory Edit


Personality Edit

Klassic Vinyl is a semi-sarcastic, bubblegum-blowing, pun-loving kind of gal. She's used to keeping to herself when doing things, but if she absolutely has to work with others, she'll mainly focus on her part with the occasional quip thrown in.

Abilities Edit

Klassic Vinyl has a (cannon most likely) attached to them which fires (insert fireable weapon "ammo" here).

Klassic Vinyl also has an altmode that they can transform into; in their case, it's a giant metallic butterfly.

Relationships Edit

[relationships with family, other characters, etc.]

Trivia Edit

  • The idea for Klassic Vinyl came about when Ani was listening to "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". A lot. The desire for a metallic bug character came from that. Klassic Vinyl's altmode is a giant metal butterfly as a nod to Iron Butterfly, the band that made "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" well-known.

Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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