General Information
Full name Alecto Mercurius
Other names Keen Al
Age 19
Gender Female (she/her)
Race Human
Sexuality Bisexual
Occupation Mechanic
Personal Information
Family Furiosa, Revan, the former Wives, the surviving Vuvalini
Misc. Information
Portrayed by scherzo
"Voiced" by Aussie and husky

Malcolm solves his problems with a chainsaw/Malcolm solves his problems with a chainsaw/Malcolm solves his problems with a chainsaw/And he never has the same problem twice!
―The Arrogant Worms, "Malcolm Solves His Problems With A Chainsaw"[src]

Alecto Mercurius is the daughter of Imperator Furiosa and (a sadly non-canon) Revan.

Called "Keen Al" by the people of the Wasteland, Alecto is a passionate young mechanic and occasional defender of the Citadel ruled by her mothers.

Backstory Edit

Revan's craft fell from the sky nearby the Citadel one clear and starry night—they have been Furiosa's lover and advisor ever since. Having a child was their idea—they used their own and Furiosa's DNA, along with their own technological know-how, to create Al.

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit

Due to a congenital heart defect, Al has the seed of an Infinite Engine embedded in her heart tissue. Revan implanted her with it as a last-ditch effort to keep her alive, with the reasoning that it would adapt to her systems, forming a symbiotic relationship. Effectively it was to grow up alongside her, creating something more than the sum of its parts—something potentially able to heal the ruined Earth.

This had three unintended side effects: one, since the Engine feeds upon the Force, Al has no Force powers. And two, Al can essentially create matter (and machinery, with her expertise) from nothing.

Well, almost nothing, in any case. She does have to eat more in order to fuel her artifice, as well as keep up a more varied diet: the third side effect is a case of pica, though unlike most sufferers, she does have a means of "digesting" the things she eats. Or, well, the Engine-seed does.

Relationships Edit

Revan Edit

Al used to absolutely idolize them—now, their relationship is one of mutual love and respect. Al is aware that their hero's past isn't without its blemishes.

Furiosa Edit


Trivia Edit


Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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