General Information
Full name Jodie Schorl
Other names Shattered Mirror of Schorl, formerly Jamie Spencer
Age appears to be early 20s
Gender Female (she/her)
Race human Exalt (Abyssal)
Sexuality Lesbian
Personal Information
Family Noah Gabranth and Eliot Spencer—dads

Alec Hardison and Parker—step-parents

First and Forsaken Lion—shitty adoptive father

Allies Mr. Song
Enemies FaFL
Misc. Information
Portrayed by
"Voiced" by low and husky, Southern-accented

" the only 'safe sex' is death " - some gym teacher with a skeleton puppet

Jodie Schorl is the daughter of Eliot Spencer, Noah Gabranth, and First and Forsaken Lion.

A renegade Abyssal Exalt who's recently returned to her homeworld. Moonlights as a serial killer-killer on the weekends.

Physically—she's on the shorter side, broad-shouldered and muscular, blonde and red-eyed, with a propensity for darker colors.

Backstory Edit

So the Leverage crew had to lie low after their last big job—so they fled to a little Northeastern town called St. Ivalice.

And then a sort of an... overlap occurred.

The alternate Ivalice was a place where designed to fulfill the wishes of its inhabitants—so Eliot found himself with a husband (Gabranth) and young daughter (Jamie), along with memories of an entire alternate life. He and Parker and Hardison managed to save Jamie from the dream-world when it collapsed (after all, they are the finest thieves the world has probably ever seen)—but they weren't able to do the same for Noah.

Jamie had a fairly happy childhood and young-adulthood—albeit melancholy, with the loss of one of her beloved fathers—but wound up in the service of First and Forsaken Lion after she died defending... something. (And this is where her backstory is a big fat WIP.) He gave her a new home, a new name, (Shattered Mirror of Schorl, or just Schorl for short), and a new purpose in life. From his point of view, he took her under his wing as the daughter he never had—or might have had in life? Regardless, he gave her everything a young Abyssal might conceivably ask for, and asked only that she help him destroy Creation as his scion! Why, then, did she leave him... ?

...well, she did buy into it for a while. FaFL reminded her of Gabranth, in a lot of ways. Mostly the worst ways, the ones he and Eliot had only ever spoken about in quiet voices after they'd thought she'd gone to bed. She held out hope for a very long time that the good was there as well. When it became apparent it wasn't—maybe after another of his roaring tirades, or maybe after a raid gone terribly right—she convinced him she'd be doing more, er, "good" out in Creation. Which was where she met a curiously-charismatic Infernal.

These days she hangs around Portland, the Leverage crew's old haunt. Occasionally she helps the family with their, er, odd jobs, primarily as a getaway driver. Mostly she works for Mr. Song. And goes out and eats shitty people on the weekends.

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

[relationships with family, other characters, etc.]

Fetter Edit

Jodie's fetters are Gladiolus, the Bloodhound; Gladiolus, the Labyrinth; and (potentially) Gladiolus, the Eidolon. The Labyrinth is presently her main fetter.

Trivia Edit

The three stages of Gladiolus correspond to blood, bone, and the spirit respectively.

Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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