Jikan Meioh
General Information
Full name Jikan Meioh
Other names Jikan Kamegaki
Age 18
Gender Female
Personal Information
Family The Doctor (father)
Sailor Pluto (mother)
The Professor (half-sibling; father's side)
Kamcek Bernard (half-sibling; father's side)
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Movie-Brat
"Voiced" by

Jikan Meioh is the daughter of The Doctor and Sailor Pluto.

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Backstory Edit

The Doctor knew Setsuna Meioh since he first met her around his first incarnation and admitted he had a schoolboy crush on her, and then the two dated for a few months. One thing led to another when the two started drinking during their dates and they constantly had sex. After that, Setsuna began to experience morning sickness, and after a frantic shopping raid for pregnancy tests (with The Doctor, Michiru and Haruka tagging along), much to their shock, she was pregnant.

Setsuna wasn't so sure about keeping the baby for two reasons. One, considering how much trouble the Doctor finds himself in, she wouldn't want to risk leaving the baby with him. Two, it'd be just as risky if she were to keep the baby due to the rise of Crystal Tokyo and other possible threats. Unfortunately, she figured out that having an abortion would be a good idea a little too late. She gave birth and decided to put the baby up for adoption, but she gave her a name before she could be taken to her parents.

She was raised by rich parents, but the child, named Jikan Kamegaki, often proved to be a handful as she preferred to be a loner and never had any friends despite the fact that she felt lonely herself. One day, she was told that she was adopted and that they never quite knew much about the mother and the father never showed up. She appreciated the fact that her adoptive parents told her, but then she began to resent and actually hate her real parents, believing that they never wanted her and thus she never wants to see them. But what she doesn't know is that the stars are aligned for the meeting to happen.

Personality Edit


Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

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Gallery Edit

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