Haruka Yowai
General Information
Full name Haruka Yowai
Other names Haru-chan
Gender Female
Race Japanese
Occupation Idol!! Kind of.
Personal Information
Family Totoko Yowai (Mother)
Meme-chan (Mother)
The Matsunos (Weird Family Friends)
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Hauntpark
"Voiced" by

Haruka is the daughter of Meme and Totoko.

Backstory Edit

She's a carbon copy, no individuality to her at all. Her weird reality-warping mother just mashed her own traits together with that one idol girl she was obsessed with for a while.

Even her issues are the same... she's a mask with nothing under it, plain and simple. She wants to be loved and adored. There'd be no greater joy to her than to be fawned over and put on walls and merchandise.

But that doesn't happen. She just doesn't have the appeal. Why is everyone so happy to consume the same copycat shit over and over, but not pay her the time of day, anyway?! It's not fair!


Personality Edit

She's bubbly and sweet, and loves everyone! She'll love you forever! She'll laugh at all of your jokes!

Huh? Her personality? Well, she's got nothing going on under all of that, obviously. But she has a lot of quirks!! She loves candy!!

Honestly, just give her praise and attention. It's all she needs.

Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

Meme-Chan Edit


Totoko Edit


The Matsunos Edit


Romano Largo Edit


Gallery Edit

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