Master Edward Gracey is the father of Corinne Gracey.


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He lives in the Haunted Mansion. He's very dead. But please, no mourning, at his request.

Canon Information Edit

[?? will edit later, but tbh there's not exactly much info on him since im using Headcanon Gracey]

Deadly Mistakes Edit

[also wip]

Relationship to Child Edit

Ah, right. Corinne.

...Hey, don't judge him! He did what he had to! He needed to leave, and who knows, maybe that little girl was also a monster just like her mother! How could he trust anything created by that demon? If he took it-- If he took her with him, who's to say she wouldn't turn out to be a trick, also? And kill him?

But, that's not what happened. He abandoned a child. His child, who came back to him, crying and looking for a home. Crying about being left behind.

A-and he did give her a home! He apologized! Things are okay now. Just as long as she stays far away from him and does her job.

Relationships Edit

The Beldam Edit

Horrible monster of a woman. He can't believe he stayed with her for so long. What was he thinking? He wasn't thinking at all, that's what. He considers himself lucky to have gotten away.... even if he did end up

dead not much long after.



The Ghost Host Edit

God, he wishes people would stop confusing him with this guy. They don't even sound or look alike in the slightest! He hates this guy, actually. There isn't any more room in the mansion, stop inviting more ghosts!

Kainashi Namine Edit

W-Why does this kid want to fight him so badly?! Give Gracey a break, he's already dead! What are you even trying to accomplish?!

Trivia Edit

Master Gracey's entire existence is pretty much fueled by fanfiction. The aging portrait, the Ghost Host, and Master Gracey's tombstone have no real connection in the original story for the Haunted Mansion. However, due to the popular fanon connecting this aspects of the mansion, they became acknowledged by Disney in the Haunted Mansion movie and in merchandise.

For the sake of this roleplay, Master Gracey and the man in the portrait are in fact the same person, but he is not the Ghost Host.

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