DIO, aka Dio Brando, is the father of Pat.

Canon Information Edit

Dio Brando is an absolutely manipulative dickhead. He was extremely abusive to his half-brother, Jonathan Joestar, to the point to where Jonathan had incredibly powerful ripple powers as the result of the stress Dio put him through. Dio also, for a while, got away with it. He killed Jonathan and put his head on Jonathan's body. Thankfully he got put to sleep under the ocean for 100 years. He's also a vampire. Dio was quite philosophical and would read a lot, when he wasn't being a jerk. His stand, The World, was considered the most powerful stand as of it's creation and could stop time for nine seconds. However it's implied that when he grew stronger, he would be able to pause time for longer were he not dead.

Deadly Mistakes Edit

Elphaba had a brief period of time where the events of Wicked had pretty much messed her up and she started working under Dio because he was a great comfort to her. However, she soon realized how terrible Dio was when she accidentally created Pat via magic and she started to fear for Pat. She was forced to leave Pat in the care of Dio and left. She's frankly glad he's dead, even if she kind of misses him.

Dio, as of the roleplay, is mcfucking DEAD. However, much like in canon, even in death, he still leaves a shadow on the world and in Aldria and Pat especially.

Relationship to Child Edit

This fucker should not have been allowed to raise children. Perhaps the real mistake was that he wouldn't typically even raise a child, were it not for [SPOILERS]. Dio saw Pat not as his child, but as a threat and a tool to advance his interests. Were he not dead, it is highly doubtful that fate would have been kind to his child.

Dio made every attempt to crush the will of Pat and make them obedient while still making them feel he loved her and wouldn't harm her. This was a calculated effort on his part--he knew full well what his child would do if she got the idea to rise against him.

However, as in canon, any mistakes with him as a parent carry the Joestar birthmark and are considered to be part of the Joestar family. Pat carries the same birthmark, although her birthmark is green because of her mother's green skin.

Relationships Edit

[if they're relevant in the RP, cover both canon (and fanon, with the other parent) relationships and relationships to mistakes or non-mistakes they become involved with.

if they are not relevant in the RP, just do canon and fanon relationships.]

Trivia Edit

  • [pretty self-explanatory]

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