Claude Bouquet
General Information
Full name Claude Bouquet
Other names Dr. Bouquet
Age 37
Gender Cis Male
Race Biracial, Japanese and Corsican
Sexuality  ???
Occupation Doctor
Personal Information
Family Shuu Iwamine (Father)
Mireille Bouquet (Mother)
Allies The Mistakes
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Kara
"Voiced" by
Pixel claude

Claude Bouquet is the son of Shuu Iwamine and Mireille Bouquet.

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Backstory Edit


Personality Edit

Claude is a man who values justice and fairness above-all, and he is largely uncomfortable when he is in an unfair situation. That may be why he rarely smiles or laughs. He is stoic, seemingly cold to most people, and cynical - but he allows himself to have hope. Even if that hope is squashed time and time again, he allows himself to have hope.

The seemingly whimsically murderous past of both his parents instills a deep shame in his familial identity, so much so that he barely considers his parents to be his family. He took his mother's last name, though, because while she was not a good woman by any stretch of the imagination, she was far, far better than his father.


Abilities Edit

Claude knows fairly well how to read a room, but he does not walk on eggshells. He tells people what they need to hear if they need to hear it - but at the same time, most times he doesn't believe in brutal honesty. He's a rare combination of firm and kind that many adults strive to be in their daily lives, but never achieve.

He knows how to apply previous knowledge to various different situations, he knows how to think for himself and he is never ashamed to stand alone if he feels he is standing for what's right.

Relationships Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Claude's firm, justice-seeking, sometimes cynical personality is partly based off of Atticus Finch from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • he's also the prince of my stupid dick

Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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