Chasing Shadows is a plot arc of the Deadly Mistakes roleplay. It is preceded by King Protea and followed by Moriana's Hidden Face. A new intergalactic threat rises alongside a recovered Master II, the Blue Hood - can the Mistakes put an end to The Master II's antics one and for all? And can Nan maybe stop thinking with his dick for 2.5 seconds?

Plot Edit

[self-explanatory, probably to be filled in AFTER the arc completes unless you want to give an outline of what's supposed to happen]

Major Players Edit

The Professor Edit

The Master II Edit

Jezebel Helmet Edit

Nanatsuki Someperson Edit

Nan's Stupid Dick Edit

Not technically a canon character (well, wait, it kinda is!), but please. Nan's Dick, let's be reasonable. Please? we know The Master II is gorgeous and he's the only person ever in your entire life who has consistently almost seemed to maybe give a shit about you. But he's really, really not fucking worth it. Like, he's a manipulative fuckhead and also a genocidal fantastic racist. And also a real racist, judging by the kind of person you became in subconsciously trying to impress him. Nan's Dick? Please. Stop screaming. Nan's Dick. Blease.

Harrison Masters Edit

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Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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