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Dr. Brian Rain is the son of Walter Bartley and Masaki.

Dr. Rain is a minor antagonist who debuts in At The Bottom of Everything.

Backstory Edit

Brian was adopted as an infant by Masaki and Walter, and raised as a girl for his early childhood. He felt dysphoria very early in life, but did not fully realize he was transgender until he was about 12 years old. Brian had a male best friend in school, who he thought he trusted and had a close connection with. Truthfully, the boy simply liked Brian for not being like "dumb shallow girls" and still being attractive. When Brian said he has something to confess to his friend, the friend assumed that Brian was going to confess a crush, and when Brian came out as trans instead, he was volatile. Enraged that his friend and potential girlfriend was in fact not a girl, he was repulsed and outed him as "revenge." Brian's peers turned on him, and he had slurs thrown at him and insults left on his locker almost every day. The experience traumatized him, and he began to do very poorly in school. Walter noticed Brian's dropping grades, and then his dropping mental state, and finally asked him what was wrong. Brian came out to his parents in a panicked rush, and said everything that had happened in school. Walter, after giving some very choice words to the principal and teachers, took Brian out of school and started questioning Brian about transness. Walter didn't mean anything wrong, but his nature led him to take a very clinical, questioning approach to everything. Brian, mortified by his experience, forced himself back into the closet and kept his transition and counseling very quiet.

As he got older and further into his transition, Brian got involved in online discourse. He got wrapped in truscum/TERF sides of the discourse, which, along with his experiences, made him internalize that transness was inherently linked to suffering and dysphoria. He eventually got away from the TERF side of it once they started insisting he had to be female, but he still held on to invalidating beliefs held by truscum. Brian began studying to become a clinical psychologist and gender counselor himself, but did very poorly in school by the end of it. He did try, but fell behind and eventually failed out of school. He was humiliated and aggravated, and made the decision that he would just.... not accept this. He visited his other father, Masaki, who had left the family after Walter completed his work on the Happy Dream Project. Knowing that Masaki was a master deceiver, he sought advice on how to best be a licensed doctor without a license. Masaki, amused, did so, and even gave Brian a gift for the road.

So Brian faked his way through school and forged a diploma, and began impersonating a doctor with a degree he did not have. He blamed the school instead of himself, and fell even further into self-serving behaviors. He even started up a false clinic and began to take in patients, teaching them the same invalidating beliefs he internalized, and hammering out qualities he believed "fake" or undesirable. That gift Masaki gave him was a file of stolen research from the Happy Dream Project, enough information for Brian to frankenstein together a project of his own. He could explore and even manipulate the subconscious of his patients, and figure out what it was that his other father was researching and why it ended so abruptly. So he began work, taking a surprisingly tourist-y and uncompassionate approach to these dreams.

Personality Edit

Dr. Rain is respectable to those that come into his clinic and work with him, if a little abrasive at times. His patients see him differently, as a man who does everything to invalidate and hammer out undesirable traits he deems "fake." But he does it in the voice of a concerned adult, one who knows better. So they began to internalize what they tell him. That affectation of kindness wears down after enough sessions, though. Dr. Rain's cruelty and his stances stem from his own insecurity. And he truly does believe that he is somehow more "real" because he had to suffer. It's a flawed concept, but one he clings to.

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