Belial full
Belial Duthane-Raynkazuya
General Information
Full name Belial Duthane-Raynkazuya
Other names Bell
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Race Biracial, Surdanan and Japanese
Sexuality Asexual
Occupation Desert Lord
Personal Information
Family Jasaad Duthane (Father)

SONiKA (Mother)

Allies Gabriel Mizuhashi
Enemies The Mistakes

Michaela Mizuhashi

Partners N/A
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Kara
"Voiced" by  ???
Pixel belial
some quote or whatever

Belial Duthane-Raynkazuya is the son of SONiKA and Jasaad Duthane.


Backstory Edit

[to be added]

Personality Edit

[to be added]

Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

[to be added]

Trivia Edit

  • His second last name, Raynkazuya, is derived from the name of one of the artists who designed SONiKA.
  • His last name used to be Duthane-Okashine, but that was changed because his RPer felt uncomfortable using an UTAU like Kiki Okashine (generally made and designed by a single person) for an RP like this - so she decided to use a green-haired Vocaloid instead.

Gallery Edit

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