DM - Augustin 2015
General Information
Full name Augustin Brisby
Other names August
Age young adult
Gender Male
Race Half-mouse, Half-rat, All-rodent
Sexuality unknown
Occupation Waiter at La Ratatouille, unofficial leader of a group of small dimension-hoppers
Personal Information
Family Remy, Martin Brisby
Allies George C. Mouse, Driftwood, Heather Mouse-Cricket
Enemies unknown
Partners N/A
Misc. Information
Portrayed by Ani
"Voiced" by Shannon McCormick (Agent Washington on Red vs Blue)
You gotta draw the line somewhere! You gotta draw the fuckin' line in the sand, dude! You gotta make a statement! You gotta look inside yourself and say, 'what am I willing to put up with today?' NOT FUCKIN' THIS!!
―Arin Hanson[src]

Augustin is the son of Remy and Martin Brisby.

Augustin is the unofficial leader of a small group of dimension-hoppers and has a very low tolerance for any tomfoolery while trying to be focused.

Backstory Edit

Following the major success of their bistro, Colette and Linguini were set to attend a meeting of some of the greatest culinary minds on Earth. Naturally, Remy was brought along, which was only fair as he was a (secret) major part of the restaurant's success. So they were off to America for the meeting.

Once there, it took a while for word to spread amongst the American rodents that the famed French chef was there. However, it didn't take too long to reach a certain organization...

In the spirit of hospitality, a group of rodents decided to make Remy more comfortable so far from home with a meal. After some convincing, Remy accepted, and soon after the meal, he was knocked unconscious (which is the obvious thing to do if your target can smell any added ingredients or drugs in any food).

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Personality Edit

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Abilities Edit


Relationships Edit

Remy Edit

Augustin guesses that he should be lucky to have at least one parent, even if that parent was related to him by odd circumstances. He knows that Remy's tried his best raising him, but it's a bit rough considering some slight conflicts with other family members and being co-runner of a successful bistro are also on his father's plate (no pun intended). [more to be added]

Heather Mouse-Cricket Edit

Heather is Augustin's first case in the organization that actively involved trying to protect someone. As the "responsible" one of the group, he tries his best to make sure that Heather has what she needs and that the others don't say anything of unsavory repute around her. Even he has to admit that the young girl's cheeriness is contagious at times.

George Mouse Edit

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Driftwood Edit

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