General Information
Arc title At the Bottom of Everything
Owned by toc/bonesalt
Characters introduced TBD
Fetters introduced TBD
Main antagonist Sloane...?
Theme song At the Bottom of Everything - Bright Eyes


At the Bottom of Everything is a plot arc of the Deadly Mistakes roleplay. It is preceded by [Previous arc] and followed by [Next arc]. WHen membErs of the group begin to dispLay odd, hyponsis-Like symptoms with no rhyme or reason, it's up tO everyone to figure out the cause.

Plot Edit

[self-explanatory, probably to be filled in AFTER the arc completes unless you want to give an outline of what's supposed to happen]

Major Players Edit

Sloane Edit

Sloane, is, Well, he's not doing good, and he hasn't been for a while nOw. It seems those behavioRs picked up from years of intense grooming are cropping up again, and he Looks and more suspect as the conDitions of the group members worsen.

Nanatsuki-no-Hanabira Edit

Above all, no matter what, at tHe end of the day, SloanE would have to reveaL himself to be precisely as evil and hopEless as The Master II aNd no less, to get Nan to change his mInd about his all-encompassing devotion to Sloane. Playing the part of the grieving Widow for quite A while, Nan does some... Somewhat regrettable things In the midst of his despair over Sloane, paired with the discovery of a terrible truth about his own pasT.

The Nocturne Vault Edit

Sloane's, er, 'parent', if you'd like to stretch the definition. ... Wait a sec, why is it here again? What is it, anyway?

Dr. Helen Edit

Trivia Edit


Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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