And What Alice Found There
General Information
Arc title And What Alice Found There
Owned by Cart
Characters introduced Desielx "The Writer"
William Wisp
Fetters introduced [wip]
Main antagonist Fitton
Theme song [wip]

And What Alice Found There is a plot arc of the Deadly Mistakes roleplay. It is preceded by Down the Rabbit Hole and followed by Silver Fluch.

An old acquaintance of one of the Mistakes has come to pay them a visit. They've picked an awfully nice dimension to live in, haven't they? It'd be a shame if anything strange and horrific were to happen to it...

Plot Edit

[self-explanatory, probably to be filled in AFTER the arc completes unless you want to give an outline of what's supposed to happen]

Major Players Edit





Trivia Edit


Gallery Edit

[pictures galore]

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